When I tell people I’m an introvert I usually get one of two predictable reactions. One, they think I am painfully shy, or two, they think I’m antisocial. Both are wrong. I’m neither. I just socialize differently. I like my own company, I enjoy doing all sorts of things. I have a great many hobbies and I’m completely willing to share these experiences with others. But with a limit.

On social media I see folks with 2000+ friends and I’m thinking. How can you have any sort of real relationship with any of them? Depth of friendship is what counts to an introvert. I’d rather have a few close friends than a room full of what I call cocktail friends. More on that in another post.

Is it simply the evolving nature of our computerized culture to plug in and tune out? Try to start a conversation with anyone and they’ll pull out their headphones, look confused or annoyed and say, “What?” in a tone that brokers no conversation beyond asking for directions.

I can’t say for all, but, this introvert has a rich inner life filled with dreams, schemes and fantasies. I’d like to find another introvert that I can share this with because I know they would understand. I want others to understand that as introverts we are reservoirs of information and experience. It just takes the right sort of connection with the right sort of person with whom to share it.


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