A few things I’ve learned quickly about the game of online dating is, 1. Don’t take it seriously, 2. Don’t take it personally, and 3. Perseverance.

The whole thing sort of reminds me of when I was a kid and fishing. I would find the best worm, a nice juicy, large one and thread it on the hook, toss it in and feel the hit. I’d reel it back and find the bait gone and no fish. It happened over and over and I thought these fish were really really smart. But my dad explained to me that it wasn’t the fish but the crabs that took the bait. They’d swim up from the bottom and use their claws to strip the bait off. But, with patience and perseverance we started catching fish.

That’s what it’s like. Sometimes they just take the bait but no fish. And apparently there are plenty of crabs in this pond.


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