Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said this in his book Beyond Good and Evil. I want to rewrite that to say, when you send email, the abyss does not reply. Groan-worthy for sure but applicable. I’ve sent probably close to 30 emails and have gotten 2 responses. One saying, in short, no. Another, we exchanged emails for a week then poof. She’s the subject of the post The Vanishing.

I remember once, on OKCupid, creating a dummy account for a woman, just to see what would happen. Within 3 days the profile received over 100 emails. That’s sad and enlightening. The profile pic was very basic, nothing flashy or even very good. The content pretty much generic, moonlit walks, cuddling etc. Boring vanilla. So, when I sent out 30 emails and get two responses, I’m feeling pretty good.

As an aside, I created a spreadsheet that lists the user name and date I emailed them. I decided not to track whether they read it or responded.

I can’t help myself actually, I love to track things, to see patterns and gather data. It’s in my nature. Oddly, I find it comforting.


One thought on “When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you

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