To me writing a personals profile is slightly less excruciating than when an interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself” or asks “Why should this job go to you?” Of course good planning and rehearsal is the key to these but something as intimate as a personals profile is a different beast altogether. I mean can you really tell the raw truth and not come across as a lunatic?

Where does one start on describing oneself to a potential match?

I’ve read a number of “How to write your profile” type articles and most seem to be geared towards extroverts. Talk about the sports you like, tell about your travels etc… Boring. In my efforts to create a profile I’ve created a dozen examples, many are similar versions while others are radically different. None of them seem to be something I find unique. The one that a friend of mine likes is as plain and boring as the rest. Talk about cookie cutter approaches.

I’ve finally settled on one that’s in an “about me, about you” format where I speak about the things I like to do, hinting at introversion. The about you section is also similar but ties back into and expands the about me section. For instance, using statements such as, “Like me, you like to…”

Does it work? I have no idea. I suspect 30% profiles on this site are not even active because the mail system tells you when you’re email has been read. Many sit unread. The ones that are read rarely respond.

Perseverance and dogged determination.


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