I killed my Match.com subscription. It was an easy decision. I met someone. On match? Not at all. On social media of all things. I’ve heard of people doing this before but I had not thought it a venue I wanted to pursue. My thinking is that most women are in one of three states: 1, In a relationship, 2, Gay, or, 3, Just left a soul-sucking relationship and want nothing to do with anyone.

The exception to the above is exceedingly rare and difficult to find. Might as well go pan-handling for that lump of gold that will set you for life. In fact, to me, it’s so difficult that not looking on a dedicated site, such as Match is pointless. Might as well randomly talk to people in the vague hope that you’d meet someone not in one of the above three states. I imagine it’s the same for women. Very few people enjoy being single, but that’s just an opinion.

I remember a female friend of mine once lamented to me, “I just want to find a nice man that likes the ballet and opera.” I replied, “Yes, but they already have boyfriends.”


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