Words. They fascinate me. I love how they rattle around in my head and knock other words loose in their rapturous rampage of repetitiveness and rapacious regularity.

Writers have a unique love hate relationship with words. We’re always searching for the perfect word to consolidate and congeal a thought process into a single unified meaning, particle physics anyone? I’ve heard it said that some characters in the Chinese language represent a complete thought and idea. What an interesting way to think.

German language does this by seemingly to cram all the words together into a single gigantic word which transforms them into a tongue twisting multisyllabic delight.

Today my brain decided to define, or should I say, redefine the word, “consummate.”

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary:

consummate (v.) Look up consummate at Dictionary.com1520s, “to bring to completion,” from Latin consummatus, past participle of consummare “to sum up, make up, complete, finish” (see consummation). Meaning “to bring a marriage to completion” (by sexual intercourse) is from 1530s. Related: Consummated; consummating.

But my brain decided to split the term into “consume” and “mate” which got me to thinking of the rumor that the female praying mantis eats the male’s head and occasionally, the upper thorax as well.

I now leave you with a whole new way of looking at marriage.


Praying Mantis







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