The Zinus mattress arrived a few days ago and it was an interesting surprise. The queen sized bed I’ve had for years was, as it turns out, not queen sized at all.

The Dawning

I gave the old mattress to my roommate intending on keeping and reusing the boxspring and frame. At some point, I decided that I wanted to make the foundation stronger by getting some queen sized bed slats. I took a measurement and kept coming up short of a queen and couldn’t figure out why until I looked up the measurements of a full sized bed. And there it was. My queen bed was not a queen at all.

A New Plan

With a little rearranging we took apart the frame and I gave the rest of the bed to my roommate. Then I unpacked the mattress.

The Reveal

If you’ve never seen a foam mattress before they resemble a giant block of fried tofu. Tan in color and squishy. Zinus has a unique way of packing and shipping their product. What they do is put it in a giant heavy duty plastic bag and seal it after pumping all the air out of it. What’s left is a two inch thick mat. They fold this in half then roll it tight making a package of roughly 4 x 2 and weighing 60 lbs. Follow this link (opens in a new window) to a video posted by another owner on the unpacking and inflating process.

Within a few minutes it was back to it’s normal shape and size but Zinus recommends 24 hours before putting weight on it.  There was an odor that smelled of Elmer’s glue for about a day but it went away.

The Verdict

As I said earlier, it’s been a few days since the mattress arrived and after sleeping on it I find it very comfortable. It’s a keeper.





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