Introverts in Love:The Quiet Way to Happily Ever After by Sophia Dembling, is a compact well written handbook for introverts and those who love us. Inside are pages of stories and lessons learned from what must have been years of research and interviews on almost every aspect of relationships, from where and how to meet, to what to do when communication breaks down and lines are drawn.

In this book I was able to read things I have never been able to put to my own words. I was able to identify and give voice to times in my life where situations arose that ended in frustration. With the stories of others having the same issues and how they resolved them, I now I find it easier to avoid and deal with such situations as over stimulation and meltdown.

For the non-introvert, the book shows how situations can trigger our defenses and what to do about them when it happens. It also talks about and explains by example of our need for quiet and solitude and how this should not be seen as pulling away from those we care about.

Overall, it is a well thought out book with many excellent stories and explanations. I’d like to see a deeper more psychological followup but that’s just my own curiousness.


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