Change and uncertainty.

Two things that make many uncomfortable and some frightened. All things change, that is the way of life. You can’t fight it. The more you try the more miserable you’ll be when change happens. Especially sudden change.

Instead embrace that change will come. Accept it and then enjoy the present. Live in the moment with those you care for and things you care about.

Living in the moment. What does that mean? Aren’t we always living in the moment?

Living in the moment refers to where our thoughts dwell. It refers to a willful act to focus our attention to the tasks at hand.  My previous posts spoke about metacognition. The ability to see our thoughts as they play out. Living in the moment requires us to ask the questions, “Is this right here? Right now?”

These are very powerful questions that ground us in the reality of the moment. They focus us. They snap us out of our musings.

I’m not saying ignore the future or the past. I am saying don’t dwell on them so much that life passes you by while your mind is elsewhere.

More in Part 2.


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