Last year, Tabby’s Star or KIC 8462852 an F-Type Main Sequence star some 1200 light-years away from us hit the news. Scientists have been for some time studying it and cannot determine what is causing the interesting dip in the star’s light.

This led to some interesting speculation that there was a Dyson Sphere surrounding the star gathering the star’s energy for an advanced civilization.

Normally, the light from a star dips when a planet’s orbit has it pass between the star and us. This dip is tiny in comparison to the amount of this dip. Usually a huge planet several times the size of Jupiter would cause a flux of maybe a few percent. This dip, however, is more than 20%. No planet is known to exists of that size.

Now Professor Zaza Osmanov of the Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia, the country not the state, (Free higher ed in the US? Don’t get me started on that. ), says that by using infrared telescopes we could easily spot more of these dips in perhaps other stars. He speculates as many as 64 nearby stars fit this profile.

What does that mean? Well, if they are indeed Dyson Spheres it means we are surrounded by advanced civilizations and it goes to my speculation that we are not only not alone but aliens are aware of us and are just waiting for us to get our heads out of our backsides and get with the program.

Perhaps like in Star Trek First Contact, they are waiting for us to fly our first warp ship, thereby signaling that we as a species have developed and matured enough to join the larger community.








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